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 Nevermind all that! - Who are those guys?!? 

Daryl Leoce:  Drums. Dino faces.

Daryl’s musical journey on the drums started right after seeing the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan show. In the years that followed, Daryl brought the beat to performances as varied as street theatre, club dates, off Broadway, and premier New York clubs.  To date, he’s performed before more than 90,000 people in various bands and ensembles. He’s especially proud to be playing some of the biggest selling hits in pop music history with Three Act Night!  He is often overwhelmed by all the fame and fortune.

Larry Lebin: 
Guitars, Vocals, Requires adult supervision.

Larry was a veteran of New York’s studio and club scene in the ‘70s and became a presence in South Florida’s music and entertainment since 1980.  He has toured nationally as a soloist and sideman; worked as a recording session musician, band leader and arranger for some of the country’s finest musicians and showbands. In the future, Larry wants to be taller and perhaps blond. But definitely taller.


Peter M. Wolz:
Bass, Vocals, Provides Adult Supervision.
Peter’s first public performance was in a talent show with his brothers at grammar school in 1968. He has been rockin’ ever since. Peter has been an in-demand bassist in South Florida for decades and has played with many of the top area bands including Squeeze Play, Men From Mars, The Boogie Brothers and or course, Three Act Night.  Peter has performed in shows along-side of nationally recognized performers as Livingston Taylor, Butch Trucks and the Everly Brothers.  Pete is a nuclear physicist, claims to be the best looking member of the band and has significant real estate holdings in the Mic-Mac.

Dennis Wechter: 
Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mah Jongh.

For more than five decades, Dennis has performed throughout the United States and internationally. His performance credits include backing up legendary performers such as The Bee Gees and Bobby Rydell. As a BMI songwriter, Dennis has written over 50 songs and has won an American Music Festival national writer’s award.  Dennis likes dark, existential European Eastern Bloc independent films with subtitles and plays canasta on Tuesdays.  

Ron Burruano: 
Piano, Organ, Synthesizers, Weird Science.

Ron hails from upstate New York.  He began his musical journey at age 7.  Today he brings his mastery of the keyboards to help define the full sound that Three Act Night strives for in every performance. 

Offstage, Ron is the quiet type. You're not likely to see him racing around the room making a scene.  But put him behind his keys and he creates music magic.  Ronny B is the man responsible for providing the richness, depth and color to the musical palette of 3 ACT NIGHT.  He is the tallest member of the band and as such, would like more compensation.

Gersom Marchena:

Lead Vocals,Keyboards,Homeland Security.

While Gersom might be the youngin' in our house, he has an cumulative entertainment work resume’ that outshines most veteran performers who have been in the game for many more years.  He has been performing at and headlining festivals, clubs and showrooms around the world as a front man and sideman in some of the area’s finest bands.  Every now and again, when he's not piloting nuclear submarines in the Baltic Sea, "the 'G' man" would like nothing more than to curl up with a good harlequin novel while enjoying a hot cup of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. 

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